Nieuws van Joost

11/04/2007 door: Joost

De laatste ontwikkelingen direct van de website van Joost


This month we’ve been expanding our beta-testing community by many thousands of viewers. In increasing this number, and along the way doubling the number of concurrent users, we have proven the benefits of P2P by seeing the majority of traffic for popular content being delivered solely within the Joost P2P network.

However, it has also shown that mixing P2P and traditional HTTP traffic provides its own unique set of problems. We were aware of the kinds of issues we would encounter and now we are getting the full P2P effect that we designed for we can work on improving the interaction with the other back-end services. This means that some viewers will get errors when trying to view some shows, which is regrettable, but it does have the positive benefit that knowing that...

now means that we can work on fixing it, which we are doing.

So please bear with us as we fine-tune the client to make the most of this new broadcasting platform. The bug reports and statistics we’re getting from the beta-test deployment are incredibly useful to us as we optimise the system. And thanks again for helping us improve Joost.

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