Joost krijgt het warm

04/05/2007 door: Joost

De dames en heren van Joost hebben het nogal warm gekregen getuigende dit onderstaande bericht van hun website. Komt natuurlijk dat wij zoveel invites weg gegeven hebben..(en nog steeds weg geven!) Niet allemaal tegelijk inloggen dus… 🙂

A little red-faced..

As you might have discovered already, we’re having some problems with the central servers in Luxembourg… We’ve been flooded with demand, which is fabulous and ultimately will make the system stronger, but since it’s unaccustomed to this level of usage it’s stumbling a bit, whereas we’d like it to be sprinting. While we regret that some of our new and existing users aren’t getting the experience they should right now, we’re getting an incredible look at...

the system at work (and more importantly what’s not working) so that we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

We’ll post again when the issue is fixed.

Thanks for your patience…we’re getting there.

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